In February 2017, the Planact team headed out to Breyten for a workshop that would begin the partnership between the organisation and the community. The Women and Youth Development in Mining Towns Project centres on amplifying the voices of women and children in mining communities. The first major leg of the partnership started on the 3 – 4 February when Planact arrived in Breyten to begin the skills and resource assessment in the town.

After a successful interaction with the women of Breyten the previous day Planact was ready to have another eventful day with the youth.

The day kicked off with the some ice breakers where the members from different youth associations in the area shared their aspirations not only for themselves but for the Greater Breyten at large. The youth group then divided into two excited groups to prepare a presentation for their combined vision of the true potential of Breyten. The next part of the workshop moved from what they wanted their community to look like to how this can be achieved.

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The main challenge that rang through the entire youth group was the high unemployment levels in the town, especially in the younger community members. This was due to a number of factors including the lack of employment opportunities in the area as well as the lack of institutions that provide tertiary training.

The workshop ended with the youth of the Breyten community looking forward to the coming work with Planact and revived their spirits in believing that they can contribute to a change in their environment.