Our Valuable Board of  Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for providing overall strategic direction and policy approval, financial oversight and accountability, organisational sustainability and networking and currently consists of the following Directors:

Mr Seana Nkhahle
Chairperson of the Board

Is Executive Manager: Office of the Executive Officer, (South African Local Government Association) SALGA.

Prof Steven Friedman

Is the Director of the Centre for the Study of Democracy, joint initiative of the University of Johannesburg and Rhodes University.

Ms Joanne Wangechi Karuri-Sebina

Is contracted to Wits University lecturing in Urban Development and Governance.

Professor Marie Huchzermeyer

Is with the Wits University School of Architecture and Planning.

Ms Jackie Lamola

Is the Chief Director: CDW and Public Participation in the Gauteng Provincial Government.

Mr Michael Andrew Kihato

Is contracted to the National Treasury.