The Kwazenzele Youth Development Committee (KYD) in partnership with Planact celebrated Arbor Day on Thursday 8th September 2016 as part of the National Arbor Week awareness campaign. Lesedi Local Municipality managed to donate 20 trees for the event with the help of Molefe, an employee of the municipality and a local resident of Kwazenzele. KYD celebrated the event by planting trees indigenous all round Kwazenzele with the assistance of local community residents, which is a settlement comprising of both developed and undeveloped parcels of land. This included collecting the trees and tools from the municipality, digging up holes throughout Kwazenzele to plant the trees, as well as water them soon after they have been planted. Residents of Kwazenzele were pleased to see members of KYD planting trees along the main roads.


Members of Kwazenzele Youth Development committee planting trees.

KYD chairperson Nontsikelelo Cetyana felt proud of the feat they had achieved for Arbor Day.


“It is about time we start to see things happen in Kwazenzele. We cannot always wait for government to do stuff for us. Sometimes we need to be proactive and take matters in our own hands.”

KYD plans to make this into a yearly event till the whole of Kwazenzele is filled with trees, particularly the informal parts of the settlement. As a result of this, the overall natural environment and ecology will be improved which would make Kwazenzele more habitable.