Planact, together with selected community members in KwaZenzele conducted an enumeration and shack numbering exercise in 2014. The process was accompanied by a questionnaire which included a particular question on other essential community requirement besides basic services. The majority of people who answered the questionnaire mentioned that they needed bins because waste was scattered within the community.

Planact, then compiled a report which was sent to the Lesedi Local Municipality to request for bins. The municipality provided 64 dustbins in the interim. The rest of the bins will be provided at a later stage. The bins were distributed to the community on the 30th of June 2016

The Distribution
Due to the limited number of dustbins, the community had to decide who would receive the first batch. Planact worked on the list that was acquired from the enumeration and shack numbering process to distribute the bins effectively. Since the community was divided into 3 sections (A, B and C) the first 20 on the list in each section received bins and the rest are due to follow in the near future.

Way forward
Planact will continue working with Lesedi Local Municipality to ensure that the rest of the community receives bins.

The outgoing councillor has promised to ensure that the rest of the bins are distributed before the end of his term in August 2016.