We Currently Do Not Have Any Internship Opportunities in 2017.

However, when available, Planact has opportunities in the following categories:

  1. For students seeking practical work experience as part of their qualification requirements. This programme affords students currently at tertiary education who require credits earned through a practical module to add to credits earned through their theoretical classes. They would require to have a letter of introduction from their respective academic institutions.
  2. For post graduates seeking their first work experience. This programme affords students who are straight from a tertiary institution, with an undergraduate degree, masters degree or doctorate degree, an opportunity to access and be exposed to a working environment.
  3. Internship applications are also considered as part of Planact’s exchange program with international academic institutions. This programme links and enables Planact to partner with international academic institutions or international individual students to afford international students, who are either in the final stages of their studies or have just completed their studies. This is to bring exposure to Planact and the students to developmental ideas with an international perspective and practice.