13th February 2017, Spark Road Gallery, Orange Grove

Revitalising established old areas of the City is one of the main objectives of the Corridors of Freedom. Introducing new high density housing, more social amenities and business opportunities, linked to public transport, will inject new life into well located areas of the City.

The introductory presentation was well attended, with the greater hall filled with people from all walks of life who took an interest in their suburb. The evening’s proceedings were opened by the Urban Design Consultant Company: Osman & Lange.

The first part of the presentation was by the City, it focussed on Policy issues – touching on the Purpose of the Corridor, the Timeline and with specific reference made to the Special Development Zone that will be used to fast track development on the Corridors of Freedom.

The second part of the presentation focussed on the various housing design typologies and was led by the Urban Design Consultants – Osman & Lange.
The floor was opened for discussion and a lot of the questions focussed on safety in the neighbourhoods, the increase in densities and how this would affect access and services. One very concerned citizens enquired whether they would be allowed to put up gated communities.

A number of concerned citizens inquired about the plans, if their houses be bought and whether the City of Johannesburg would pay market rates or more conservative valuation would be used. Some citizens were extremely excited and felt that it was time for integration and welcomed the densification of the project.