The Event

Date – 12th & 13th of November 2015

Venue: Enkanini Informal Settlement, Leandra, Mpumalanga

The Siqalile Development Forum (SDF) embarked on a team building/strategic exercise for organisational development and plan out a settlement design for Enkanini Informal Settlement in Mpumalanga.

As part of Planact’s participatory governance programme which aims to uplift marginalised communities, the SDF was helped to fortify their existence in their community and municipality. Through this intervention, the team was able to draw out specific objectives that would help the community better their communication skills and develop the settlement effectively.

On the first day, of the 2 day workshop, the focus was on team building exercises to strengthen communication amongst the team members. The second day was more about shaping the future of the organisation and mapping out steps needed to be taken to ensure greater recognition both in their community and municipality. Mapping and planning of the settlement design for the Enkanini settlement was incorporated to give a visual structure and for strategic planning.

The strategic plan had a significant effect on the process that the forum had initially used as it changed the manner in which the team operated. This offered a more aggressive method which will assist solidify the existence of SDF.

SDF Pic 1
SDF Pic 2

The preliminary settlement planning began with the core team identifying the new shacks that were established after the enumeration in 2014. The shacks are to be added to the proposed settlement design that will be submitted to the Govan Mbeki Local municipality.

Tangible results
SDF has been able to count the additional shacks in the Enkanini area and add them to the existing list. The next step is to draft a settlement layout plan which will be submitted to the municipality.

Way Forward

SDF intends to map out informal settlements that are not in the existing plan, develop a detailed plan for a way forward and consult with residents of the areas that are not in the existing township settlement map.