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Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) Phase 2: Non State Sector Programme PDF 
community-01The Expanded Public Works Programme Phase 2 was launched in April 2009 with the aim of creating work opportunities for 2 million poor and unemployed people in South Africa so as to contribute to halving unemployment by 2014. According to the Department of Public Works, “public bodies from all spheres of government (in terms of their normal mandates and budgets) and the non state sector (supported by government incentives), are expected to deliberately optimise the creation of work opportunities for unemployed and poor people in South Africa through the  delivery of public and community services. Training and enterprise development will also be implemented in sector specific programmes to enhance service delivery and beneficiary well-being”. In November 2009, Planact together with The Greenhouse Project started engaging in the EPWP programme (managed by the IDT) by supporting various community groups to further benefit financially from work stipends and skills development in food gardening and project management. As a result, 270 work opportunities have been created for a period of 100 days over a six month period from November 2009 to April 2010, with Planact and The Greenhouse Project providing management and monitoring support to community groups from Vosloorus and Sebokeng.

The following community based groups are currently benefitting from the EPWP programme:
  • The Greenhouse Project is an environmental project that focuses on producing organic fresh produce within the inner city and the surrounding areas. It trains people to do barrel gardening and cleaning the site on a daily basis, making compost using natural waste from food and using that to fertilize the soil naturally. Any waste material such as glass, paper plastic and cans, is then recycled or re-used for development purposes. Greenhouse also works with community projects in more rural areas around Gauteng engaged in agricultural activities including Indali Agricultural project, Inkululeko project, T&M Farming and Separeng project (currently included in the EPWP project)
  • The joint cooperative in Vosloorus (Rethabile Cooperative and Masizake Home Based Care), deals with organic farming and has placed it focus on poverty alleviation, job creation, and food security and nutrition particularly for HIV and AIDS affected individuals. As a result of the EPWP, work opportunities were provided for more community members as well as a wider range of community based organizations including the Vosloorus Farming Cooperative; the Ahitipfuxeni Project; and the Youth Dance Group active in Extension 28 in Vosloorus. Representatives from the various community groups have formed an eight members committee elected by the community to manage the EPWP linked projects in Vosloorus Ext 28.