The Situation
Jabulani informal settlement is located within the jurisdiction of Randfontein Local Municipality. It is situated on municipal land with a prospect for upgrading. The municipality has improved the sports facilities in the area. Planact’s intervention thus far has shown that the two major concerns of the community are tenure security with a properly laid out settlement, but we will better be able to understand the community as the project continues.

The Plan
Planact started by engaging with the municipality. We introduced the organization to the Randfontein Local Municipality officials, and our past work experiences, and asked if they knew of any informal settlement(s) that would benefit from our services.In response we received a letter from the municipality confirming that the Jabulani informal settlement would meet our organization’s integrated human settlement programme outcomes, and they welcomed our services.We were then introduced to the ward councillor and to the community leaders. From there we were able to establish relationships and gain support from within the community and the municipality. This proved helpful for the planned enumeration process.

The Enumeration Process
After establishing relationships, the first step of the project was to organize an enumeration process (baseline study). This process acts as a questionnaire to provide key demographic data, such as household density, age, gender, employment and identity number. An added step is providing each house with a spray-painted number, like an address. Thus, enumeration will allow Planact to document the number of households and this will assist during the layout of the settlement.The enumeration process involved six community interviewers who have been trained to execute the process. The project started with a test run and lasted a total of five days to make sure each home was accounted for.
The next step will be synthesizing and analysing the data. From this Planact will be able to compose a write-up detailing the community demographics and needs. This will inform Planact, the municipality and the community about a development program, including capacity building workshops.

The Future
Given that integrated human settlement is one of Planact’s core programs, upon the completion of the enumeration process, Planact will lead Focus groups to better understand the community member’s perspectives about what needs to be done. This process will engage the community and supplement the information achieved from the baseline study.

Once the needs are fully established, Planact will begin conducting capacity building workshops and advocating for the necessary services required for formalization with and on behalf of the community. In addition to service delivery, one of these steps will be to ensure that the community has tenure security.