Planact in partnership with the community of Kwazenzele are in the process of acquiring waste bins for every household in the KwaZenzele Phase II Informal Settlement, near Springs in the East Rand in Johannesburg.

On the 1st March 2016, Planact together with the Ward Councillor and the community representatives met with the Director of Waste Management of Lesedi Local Municipality. The Director undertook to secure and deliver 400 waste bins in the settlement. To date 64 waste bins have been delivered to the community, and the balance will follow suit. This project will keep the local settlement clean.


The Future
Given that integrated human settlements is one of Planact’s core programs, the aim is to turn Kwazenzele into a sustainable human settlement. Planact, together with the community is currently trying to acquire land for recycling and food garden. This will create employment opportunities and keep the environment clean and sustainable.

The next stage will focus on the provision of sanitation, to kick start this stage, an audit will be carried out on the current condition and situation of the toilets. Once this is achieved we will re-design the settlement to be more efficient.