The youth in Kwazenzele have established a youth development committee that will assist in addressing some of the challenges they are faced with in their community.

Issues such as job creation, establishing a youth centre, securing funding for sports and Art programmes are at top of the list to be addressed in the community.

As part Planact’s Integrated Human Settlement programme, the youth of Kwazenzele requested assistance with creating programmes that would support the development of young people in their community.

Kwazenzele Youth
Kwazenzele Youth meeting

Planact facilitated the selection of the committee on the 6th of April 2016 which they have named Kwasa Youth Development (KYD). The chosen name “Kwasa” means sunrise as it signifies a dawn of a new day for their community.

KYD identifies itself as a youth development group that will assist with bringing about significant change to the young people of Kwazenzele. The committee aims to develop skills through education and art programmes, access to government institutions through understanding government procedures and spreading positive thinking.

The committee is yet to organise a strategic meeting to outline the structure and programmes of the organisation. Leadership and government processes workshops will be held by Planact in attempt to assist with the development and continuation of this organisation.