On the 17th of May 2016, Kwasa Youth Development (KYD) together with Planact visited the Kguthatso Youth Information Centre in Leandra, Mpumalanga. This visit was to enable members of KYD to understand the processes that Kguthatso went through in establishing, setting up the structure and functioning of the centre. This was a learning exercise to encourage members of KYD to implement and sustain their own centre in Kwazenzele, in the East Rand.


The Centre Manager, Zama, explained the processes they went through in establishing their centre from the registration process to assembling a Wendy house for the youth centre. Launching the centre was not a walk in the park as Zama also added the frustration that came in the initial stages of the process, particularly relating to funding.


After this inter-community experiential trip, The KYD decided that as a way forward, they will strengthen their cause by regularly meeting with the community to stay relevant and to generate understanding for their needs. They also decided to look at options where they can place the centre that will be both accessible and safe for their community.

KYD Members