The Kwasa Youth Development Committee (KYD) in partnership with Planact celebrated Heritage & Habitat Day in Kwazenzele on the 24th September 2016. This was part of KYD’s official launch to the Kwazenzele community as a youth group. The event was hosted by KYD comprising of various cultural acts and performances from the residents of Kwazenzele. This included choir perfomances, Hip-hop acts, dance groups, poetry acts and traditional dancing which were all themed under Heritage Day.

The Kwazenzele community came in numbers to witness this event as it was a first of its kind. All the community members were pleased with KYD’s work in preparaing for this event.

This included the new elected ward councillor for Kwazenzele who stated: “It is great to see the youth engaged in productive activities for the community rather than being caught up in drugs.”

KYD intends to make this event a yearly one in efforts to bolster up the youth presence in Kwazenzele.