Planact has developed a set of tools to promote collaboration between communities and municipalities in development processes. Specifically, the tools serve as Planact’s Action Plan for Communities to Address Interruptions in Service Delivery. The action plan is entitled ‘Paper Tigers Grow Teeth-Participation to Empower Citizens’. It is designed to be a user-friendly intervention that communities and non-governmental organisations working with communities can use to address problems (interruptions and potential interruptions) in project delivery processes.

The Action Plan is primarily intended for use by communities, empowering them for engagement, soliciting accountability and building community-government relations that will nurture developmental outcomes. The Action Plan is equally designed for use by developmental non-governmental organisations working closely with local municipalities in joint efforts to overcome problems of mismanagement, corruption and poor accountability. Planact furthermore envisages that the Action Plan will add to scholarship on democracy, direct democracy and public participation.

Below is the proposed set of four tools that can be applied by communities where projects have stalled or become derailed as a result of socio-political interruptions:

• TOOL I: The Citizen Engagement Tool (CET)
• TOOL II: Resource Identification and Utilisation Tool (RIUT)
• TOOL III: Service Implementation Tool (SIT)
• TOOL IV: Operations and Maintenance Monitoring Tool (OMMT)

Click on the image below and Download the Action Tools (8MB)