Sustainable Livelihoods Initiatives

Description: This programme is set to engage with, and influence actions at community level with the results correlating and or contributing to the city-wide level and the national level. The programme is aimed to demonstrate various processes of how citizens can identify assets within the communities, which are matched to available external resources.  At this lowest level in improvement, the efficiency and success of policy and practice is illustrated.

Objective: Developed communities have access to all available resources to improve their livelihoods, and are able to identify and use their assets appropriately for their benefits and the benefits of their future generations.


Community Economic Development programme is underpinned by two sub-programmes which help to outline Planact’s work of focus:

Some of the key projects completed under the sub-programmes include the following:
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Community-Based Organisational Development

Objectives: Community groups are able to initiate and confidently participate in various development processes at all times.

Livelihood Improvement

Objective: Community groups have access to resources that ensure sustainable economic and social improvement of their livelihoods.

Community groups understand and integrate environmental sustainability aspects into their daily practices.