Responsive Living Environment

Description: This programme is set to engage with, and influence actions at city wide-level with the results correlating and or contributing to the national level and referencing the results to the communities. The aim of this programme is to show evidence of different successful methods of practice in supporting citizens to achieve improvements in the quality of their settlements or neighbourhoods.

Objective: Planact provides support and training to vulnerable citizens in facilitating access to land and housing with security of tenure and basic services in order for them to acquire habitable environments and sustainable neighbourhoods. Specific training and support is provided depending upon the needs of the target communities.


The Integrated Human Settlements Programme is underpinned by three sub-programmes which help to define Planact’s work of focus:

Some of the key projects completed under the sub-programmes include the following:
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Informal Settlements Upgrade

Objective: Incremental settlement development is recognised and widely used.

Inclusive Inner Cities

Objective: Cities strive to eliminate gentrification.

Strengthened Social Movements

Objective: All groups of society have equal access to socio and economic opportunities.