Strengthened Grassroots Voices

Description: This programme is set to engage with, and influence actions at national level between communities and government on development planning projects and issues that are of prime concern for underprivileged communities. The aim of the programme is to influence bureaucratic systems through improved participation, specifically at local government and add to policy regulation where necessary at a policy level through knowledgeable facts from executed pilot projects.

Objective: To contribute to processes that will develop the capacity of organizations of civil society in poor, marginalized communities to have a strong presence in local government planning and development processes; and to develop the capacity of local government to rectify systematic breakdown in service provision and at the same time engage local government with communities in a participatory way.


Participatory governance programme is made up by two sub-programmes which help to delineate Planact’s work of focus:

Some of the key projects completed under the sub-programmes include the following:
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Participatory Budgeting, Performance & Accountability

– A society with less municipal performance protests.
– Municipalities transparently account to citizens.

Active Citizenship

– Citizens participate meaningfully in development processes, while government is accountable in these processes and the development processes are effective and efficient.