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Civil Society Requires A reorientation

SA Cities Urban Land Dialogues Report

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Click on the image to view the report

Social Production of Habitat – WUF9 Kuala Lumpur

Planact was part of the Social Production of Habitat – WUF9 Kuala Lumpur on 11 February 2018

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The notion of social production of habitat refers to a process whereby a network of stakeholders collectively determines the production and or improves the conditions of their own habitat (dwelling place and living environment). The process of social production of habitat is characterized by a large measure of voluntary action and people’s agency. New Urban Agenda highlights important urban challenges and questions that contemporary cities are grappling with, such as how to plan and manage cities, towns and villages for sustainable development. A key Sustainable Development Goal relates to “Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. This debate on the social production of habitat generated evidence based knowledge instrumental in improving practice of social production of habitat in the African context. Policymakers need to address key barriers to social production on habitat. There is need to improve legislation to make implementation rules clearer and more explicit, particularly around delivery mechanisms. The debate contextualized the social production of habitat for the African context by bringing civil society actors, academics, activists, practitioners, local government officials and political figureheads into a serious discussion about these issues.

Arbor Day Campaign in Kwazenzele

The Kwazenzele Youth Development Committee (KYD) in partnership with Planact celebrated Arbor Day on Thursday 8th September 2016 as part of the National Arbor Week awareness campaign. Lesedi Local Municipality managed to donate 20 trees for the event with the help of Molefe, an employee of the municipality and a local resident of Kwazenzele. KYD celebrated the event by planting trees indigenous all round Kwazenzele with the assistance of local community residents, which is a settlement comprising of both developed and undeveloped parcels of land. This included collecting the trees and tools from the municipality, digging up holes throughout Kwazenzele to plant the trees, as well as water them soon after they have been planted. Residents of Kwazenzele were pleased to see members of KYD planting trees along the main roads.


Members of Kwazenzele Youth Development committee planting trees. (more…)

Planact 30th Anniversary, August 2016

Reflections on Planact’s role in South African history

This briefing outlines Planact’s unique role in transforming South African communities over the last 30 years. On August 26, 2016, Planact will commemorate the organisation’s 30 year anniversary with a one day celebration, where founders, funders, community leaders, local development practitioners and sector partners will reflect on the theme ‘Towards a realisation of inclusive urban development and deepened democracy’.

Planact 1

Planact staff engaging with the Spring Valley community for the water campaign.


Corridors of Freedom Consultative Meeting – Post Event Report

The consultative meeting aimed to bring together development practitioners, academic, and community based organisations, communities, and municipalities to discuss pressing developmental challenges with the view of mapping out a way forward…to the concerned institutions and organisations.

After the meeting, we expected to have:

  • An enhanced understanding of the corridors of freedom project
  • Gathered views and concerns of the residents
  • Understood the role of Planact, City of Johannesburg, and Wits University


Articles and Presentations

Recent short articles and presentations by Planact staff and partners can be accessed below:

  • Presentations made at the “Informal Settlement Upgrading Learning Event” which was held at the Planact Offices on 23 February 2011.

City of Johannesburg Presentation
HDA Presentation “HDA’s Approach to Informal Settlement’s Upgrading”

  • “Incorporating Environmental Consciousness Into Planact’s Work”,  Part 1 and Part 2  Skills Development Workshop, 31 May 2010, by Shannon Stone.
  • “The ‘Planact Way”:  Reflections on Planact’s exploration of its history”, by Becky Himlin, November 2007 (published in Planact Annual Report, 2007)

Planact Contributes to the State of Local Governance 2011/2012 Report

As an active reference group member of the Good Governance Learning Network (GGLN), Planact’s Mike Makwela contributed the 2011/2012 State of Local Governance (SOLG) Report. This report released on an annunal basis serves to provide a civil society perspective on the most pertinent issues facing South African governance. The 2011/2012 SOLG GGLN publication entitled ‘Putting participation at the heart of development/putting development at the heart participation’ explores participation in various guises within a South African local governance context. Planact’s contribution explores Participatory Budgeting within a South African context as a mechanism to strengthen and deepen democracy through creating space for citizens to make decisions on their municipal budget. Find Mike Makwela’s paper ‘A Case for participatory budgeting in South Africa’ in the SOLG 2011/ 2012 through accessing the link below:

GGLN SOLG 2011/2012 Publication