Planact has added another project that aims to empower citizens to conduct social audits in their communities by encouraging monitoring and evaluation of service delivery and development projects delivered by their local municipalities.

A social audit is a community-led process that facilitates public participation in the monitoring of government service delivery and expenditure. Over the last few months, Planact partnered with the Spring Valley development committee (SDC) and its community in Emalahleni municipality, in Mpumalanga, to train and conduct the social audit process.

Planact, the SDC and the Spring Valley community are using the social audit as a platform to advocate for the following:

• Securing a more permanent water solution for the community.
• Highlighting the plight of the people in informal settlement in terms of water provision, the erratic behaviour of service which leave people consumed with fear of lack and feeling of disappointments to their human right violation
• Uncovering the wasteful expenditure by eMalahleni Municipality in continuing to treat a service this vital in the community as an emergency service with no end in sight for a sustainable plan on water delivery service.

Apart from insecure tenure, the settlement faces service provision challenges as it has no running water, no electricity and poor sanitation. Due to these conditions, there is a breakdown in communication and the community needs are not reflected in the municipal development plans.

Upcoming events will include the social audit findings and engagements done with the municipality.