Planact attended the Wattville Community Stakeholders Forum facilitated by the re-elected Ward Councillor Jabulani Sibiya. The purpose of this event was for the Councillor to introduce the idea of a Urban Development Framework (UDF), for the greater part of Wattville, to help guide the community’s future developments. Councillor Sibiya stressed the importance of the community being proactive and not only rely on government to undergo development.

The community needs to have a say with the ongoing development for Wattville,” Councillor Jabulani Sibiya

The Wattville community was very pleased and excited about the UDF that various residents began the discussion of what interventions should be included. Some of the interventions include an office complex, sports precinct, recycling area, and a tourism route. The overall objective is to turn Wattville into a destination for people. To transform it from a typical township to an integrated settlement where people’s needs are provided for.

A UDF is a framework which guides development in an area for a projected time through strategic interventions. Planact then began to share its past experience in assisting Orlando & Noordgesig with developing a UDF. In developing this UDF, a community structure/forum is required to coordinate and develop a UDF. Therefore a Community Development Forum for Wattville will be established at a later stage which will comprise of various sectors for all the UDF interventions. Members will be elected in the coming months.