Asivikelane 10 results: Clean taps and toilets will curb the spread of Covid-19 infections

Aug 27, 2020 | Blog, Weekly Covid19 Updates

Asivikelane has reported many persistent service delivery problems in informal settlements – some of which have yet not been addressed. This month we also asked residents whether anyone in their households has lost their jobs in the last 4 months. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, many were already unemployed even before the lockdown started. But on top of pre-existing unemployment, over 40% of households have lost paid employment since then. This means that informal settlement residents are even more dependent on government services than before.

Metros: Over the last month Metros have at least managed to maintain existing level of services – despite being under intense financial pressure.

  • After 2 weeks without water, residents in Mountain View Matjotjombeni reported that Joburg Water filled up their Jojo tanks.

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Non-Metros: Msunduzi and Emalahleni have improved their water access significantly, while other municipalities have maintained their green lights. However, in many municipalities refuse removal and toilet cleaning remain at crisis levels.

  • Inadequate cleaning and draining of toilets combined with no or irregular refuse removal remains a problem in Emalahleni,Emfuleni, Msunduzi.

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