Asivikelane results no 8: Women are scared to use shared taps and toilets.

Jul 1, 2020 | Blog, Weekly Covid19 Updates

This week a new question about public lighting was added on the report with a focus on gender. Two thirds of Asivikelane participants are women and most of them say that there is not enough public lighting in their informal settlements. 

while most metros now have green traffic lights for water, with Cape Town and Johannesburg being very close to green as well, residents in all metros, except in some parts of Buffalo City, this week report inadequate public lighting. The problem is worst in Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni with 90% of residents saying that public lighting is inadequate.

Sanitation remains at critical levels:

  • Some residents in Johannesburg, eThekwini and Cape Town still report that they do not have access to sanitation.
  • Dirty toilets remain a problem in eThekwini and to a lesser extent in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
  • In Cape Town and eThekwini residents continue to report that broken and blocked toilets are not being fixed.

We hope that metros will use their share of the R 11 billion of additional equitable share funding announced by Finance Minister Mboweni, as well as reprioritised conditional grant funding, to address this problem.

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