Emerging Contractors and Small-scale rentals Project

Jul 1, 2024 | Blog, Projects, Responsive Living Environments

Planact and the Development Action Group (DAG) have partnered to deliver the Contractor Development Academy (CDA)-type of activities in Gauteng.

The objective of the partnership is to support the emerging contractors and small-scale developers in Gauteng to deliver affordable rental housing at scale and for contractors to participate meaningfully in the construction economy and run sustainable businesses.

The key activities from this partnership include:
• information sessions for contractors and micro developers.
• technical support and mentorship.
• and short training course targeting emerging contractors.

The course is scheduled to take place in August 2024.

In preparation for the training course in August, the two organisations are going to conduct an online information session where they will invite all contractors in Gauteng to attend.
The information session will cover the following topic:

  • Compliance requirements in the construction and building sector
  • Doing business with the public sector – what you need to know? And other opportunities from public sectors
  • Training Opportunity – how and when to apply?
  • Mapping out key capacity gaps (through a follow-up short survey – similar to the contractors registrations form)
    Stakeholders to be invited to participate.

The following stakeholders are to be invited to and do a short presentation about their organization, the services and how they can be reached.

  • CIDB
  • Gauteng Enterprise Propeller

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