Gauteng Province and City of Ekurhuleni give thumbs up for re-blocking in Railway informal settlement, Tsakane.

Aug 26, 2022 | Blog

The Human Settlements Department in the City of Ekurhuleni has responded positively to a petition for re-blocking, in-situ upgrading and access to adequate basic services by Railway residents supported by Planact.

In July 2021, residents of Railway alongside Planact team, handed over a petition to the Head of Department in the Petition office at the Gauteng Provincial Human Settlements Department (GP –HSD) in Johannesburg demanding the following:

  1. The Head of Department formally responds swiftly to the request by the community to re-block the land they currently occupy to access basic services and electrification.
  2. That the Province provides the community with a clear timeline for an exit plan to the John Dube Mega Project.
  3. That the GP –HSD together with the City of Ekurhuleni assist the community with processing their housing subsidies as a matter of urgency
  4. That the GP-HSD and the City of Ekurhuleni seriously considers in-situ upgrading in Railway unless there are compelling reasons to act otherwise.

In a recent response, the Human Settlements department approved the re-blocking exercise as the City of Ekurhuleni has been granted permission by the Gauteng Provincial Department of Human Settlement to use the land as a decant area for re-blocking.

Regarding the timeframe for the John Dube Mega project, the City of Ekurhuleni stated that the timeline of the project delivery of the 86 RDP walk-ups are currently being implemented for completion.On assistance regarding housing subsidies, the response from the City was that the applicants on the waiting list will be assisted with subsidy applications.


Tsakane Railway Ext 19(21) Petition

City of Ekurhuleni Memorandum

City of Ekurhuleni Department of Human Settlement Memorandum

Gauteng Provincial Legislature Memorandum