Green shoots, but will Metro budgets water them?

May 20, 2021 | Blog, Weekly Covid19 Updates

On the surface, Asivikelane #17 traffic lights appear bad. But if you take the time to look closely, you will see many green shoots of service delivery improvement starting to sprout. New toilets were built, and taps were installed in Buffalo City. Taps were repaired, and new toilets were built in Cape Town. New toilets were delivered, and old and broken toilets replaced in Ekurhuleni. If you look even more closely, you will see that in Ekurhuleni, Cape Town, and Johannesburg several traffic lights are close to the 90% that turns them green.

We are happy that the number of residents participating in Asivikelane increased by 24% over the last month. We will continue to increase the number of residents, informal settlements and municipalities to ensure dignified basic service delivery for all.

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