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Background Planact has convened a series of workshops as part of its broader work on promoting civic education to ensure that citizens are equipped with important information on the upcoming May elections and related processes. The workshops were held in Gauteng,...

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Broken repair and maintenance of taps and toilets in informal settlements

According to data collected by #Asivikelane residents featured in this video, there are not enough taps and toilets to service all residents in informal settlements. Regular repair and maintenance of taps and toilets is a vital role that local and national government can play to ensure continued service delivery in informal settlements.

Urban Heat Monitoring Campaign – Gauteng

In this project to build civic awareness for mitigating heatwave impacts in South-Africa, Planact teamed up with volunteers from various partner communities to measure outdoor heat stress and create urban heat datasets that will support the City of Ekurhuleni and the City of Johannesburg’s climate adaptation strategies

Digital Addressing in Skoonplaas – a pilot project 2022

The push for tenure underpins Planact’s latest project — to support residents to have their streets addressed digitally, which will be a step towards formalising the illegal establishments. Addresses are arguably one of the cheapest ways to lift people out of poverty, facilitating access to basic services, voting rights and merely being listed!

Audio Clips

Mike Makwela on PowerFM discussing how Planact has been making towns and cities work for people since 1985.

Mike Makwela on Hot 919 FM news bulletins talks about progress made to provide informal settlements with basic sanitation facilities such as water and toilets through Asivikelane initiative

Our Senior Programme Coordinator, Mike Makwela talks about the work that Planact and it’s partner organisations have been doing during the nation-wide lockdown in the context of Covid-19 pandemic

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