Our past projects

Nov 15, 2023 | Strengthened Grassroots Voices

• Promote social accountability in the three Metros in Gauteng Province and Emalahleni Local Municipality under the ‘Partnership for Municipal Accountability supported by the International Budget Partnership from 2018 to current.
• Researched and has improved participatory democracy for citizens living in informal settlements, in the three Metros in Gauteng Province. This work is supported by the German Catholic Bishop’s Organisation for Partnership Cooperation from 2000 to current.
• Planact implemented project on Accounting for Basic Services support funded by European Union 2016-2018.
• Social facilitation: subcontracted by the University of Witwatersrand in Governing the future city: a comparative analysis of governance innovations in large scale urban developments in Shanghai, London, and Johannesburg (known as Corridors of Freedom) (2015-2017)
• Subcontracted by Save the Children Fund to train children on integrated development planning and support them in making submissions into the IDP in 2017.
• Subcontracted by the Centre for Municipal Research and Advice to train municipalities on the Rental Housing Amendment Act (Act 35 of 2014) in 2017.
• Social facilitation support to South Africa’s communities in mining towns to effectively negotiate their democratic voices in local government systems from 2016 to current.
• Social facilitation support to the communities of Orlando East and Noordgesig (2007-current); Cosmo City (2010 – current); and Leandra (2011 – current) to enhance public participation in development projects. This has involved organizational development, strategic planning and monitoring support; and facilitating engagements between the community and development officials for information sharing and ensuring community input into development planning; and an action research component to monitor and improve public participation in the project.
• Assisted various communities in the Gauteng Province to develop joint submissions for Integrated Development Plans (IDP) reviews – (2010)
• Developed and conducted a Participatory Budgeting Pilot Project in Makhado Local Municipality in partnership with GIZ (2010)
• Conducted an evaluation of public participation practices in 14 municipalities for the Gauteng Department of Local Government, and the development of the Draft Provincial Framework for Public Participation in Gauteng, (January to April 2009).
• Conducted ward committee induction sessions in the four city regions, for the City of Johannesburg