Water Services Provided to Informal Settlements in Emalahleni Local Municipality

Jan 22, 2021 | Blog, Weekly Covid19 Updates

Planact together with International Budget Partnership South Africa conducted a survey to compare the lived experience by eMalahleni informal settements communities with the municipal water schedule.

The survey shows that:

  • The number of tanks in the municipal water schedule do not match the number identified by means of community evidence.
  • Tanks are not filled as regularly as the schedule indicates.
  • Residents do not have any information about contractors responsible for filling the tanks with water and
  • Vandyksdrift settlements (including Somgodla) do not have access to municipal-provided Jojo tanks.

We therefore recommend that @Emalahleni Local Municipality should:

  • Provide the Vandyksdrift communities with Jojo tanks.
  • Ensure that each informal settlement’s number of Jojo tanks is the same as that which is indicated in the schedule.
  • Deliver water according to what is outlined on the water schedule.
  • Provide jojo tanks to all residents who do not have them.
  • Provide residents with contractor’s information.
  • consult the community on (1) the number of tanks needed, (2) where these tanks should be placed and (3) how often water should be delivered to make sure that all residents have adequate access to water daily.
  • Give the communities the updated water schedule, if it exists, and up-to-date details of the contractor responsible for delivering water to their Jojo tanks.

Download full survey report.